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Use Instruments and Your Camera to Control Your Games


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Each day it is increasingly common to see many games that use innovative controls that are different than those that traditionally used. Examples of these are the game systems Nintendo Wii or EyeToy.

The latter is perhaps one of the most innovative because thanks to the detection of movements through a camera,and without the need to control the game, it allows us to interact directly with the screen.

CamSpace gameplay add this type of game to your computer, and it enables you to handle tens of games through your body or with controls made for you the game player.

CamSpace incorporates dozens of games, some made by the authors and others taken from internet (flash games) or popular adaptations such as TrackMania games .

The method of play is very simple. First, using the instructions shown on the screen, you have to program the camera to detect your game control.
After configuring the control, you only have to choose the game and begin to enjoy one of the funnest ways to play on your computer.
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